Introduction to Unisub products for Sublimation

One of the best know brands in sublimation is Unisub. Unisub is a family of many different substrates or products for sublimation. These include clip boards, bag tags, plaques, Chromaluxe and 100′s more.

This video is a short introduction to the Unisub family of sublimation substrates.
A substrate is just the product we sublimate to.

Good news. Most Unisub products are inexpensive and if you put a great image on to the product, you can really make some excellent Sublimation Profit.

My favorite Unisub product and the FRP and Clear metal name badges.

A great way to test the waters, is to buy a Unisub starter kit. Conde has many different kits for the many Unisub materials.

Let me know what you think!

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